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HELLO (: !

Yeah, well I'm Stephen. Eh... this is my first time posting here so I really don't know what to write.

I'm at Kayleen's house right now with Nick and Brian. I know Nick lives here with Daniel and Kayleen, but Brian's always here so he basically does too. He has parents though, so I think he actually has a family. And, Daniel doesn't live here anymore. They moved him into some sort of hospital thing because Kayleen's dad can't treat a tumor like that or something. I really don't know. So much goes on here in so little time that it's too hard to keep up with. I've managed to get everyone's names that lived here on a piece of paper though, well all of the kids.

Kaylee, Ella, Lucas and Clarity are only staying with Kayleen's family for the summer.
Daniel's living there but not until he's better I think.

Yeah, so I'm proud of myself =D.

Well today we all went with Daniel to the hospital. He was in the operation room for four hours but I think they only actually operated on him for an hour or less. We basically wasted time by playing hall-tag and getting yelled at six times, playing hide-and-seek, WestEndEastEnd, and eating in the cafeteria. It doesn't sound fun but it was :].

After that Kayleen's mom brought us to a shopping center. We went to American Eagle, Starbucks, Nike, this shoe store, and this icecream place.

Me, Kayleen and Brian just got out of the pool and I'm mad tired. I'll probably get on AIM soon to talk to Daniel and maybe his girlfriend xD.


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